Corporate Insight tracks the latest updates to digital experiences across the financial service industries via our subscription research services. Here are some of the latest changes monitored by our research teams. Contact us here to learn about our full suite of subscription and custom research offerings.

Annuity Monitor

Guardian adds new Alerts page to advisor site
Findable via a link in the sidebar main navigation, the page features a search bar at the top—where advisors can look up specific policies or names—as well as an embedded Quick Search bar.
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Asset Management Monitor

AB adds ESG page
The firm introduced a new Invest for Purpose page—findable from the Invest for Purpose homepage section—that highlights its range of solutions that go beyond ESG integration and engagement.

Janus Henderson modernizes several tools
The firm updated its Retirement Planner, College Planner, Required Minimum Distribution Calculator, Goal Planner and Social Security Estimator tools—findable from the Planning page’s Tools and Calculators jumplink—with a more modern aesthetic.
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Bank Monitor

U.S. Bank updates account activity page and adds new Manage Accounts page
U.S. Bank updated its account activity page with new design elements, quick links and menus. The firm also added a new Manage Accounts page that allows users to link, view and nickname internal and external accounts.

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Credit Card Monitor

Citi revamps authenticated site homepage with enhanced design elements
The firm incorporated a new homepage tile with a detailed breakdown of the user’s card information and a visual indicator for their current balance weighed against their available credit. This design refresh mirrors an experiential update Citi made in late 2021 for deposit account holders.
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Digital Advice Monitor

UBS launches new Bear Market Calculator
The firm added the calculator to its Investment Research page, explaining how hypothetical portfolio allocations may perform in worst-case bear markets, and how they would recover over time.
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Morgan Stanley Wealth Management revamps stock quote experience
The overhauled experience features updated intrapage tabs with a sleek tile view and significantly more data.

Robinhood introduces Robinhood Investor Index 
The index captures the stocks Robinhood clients hold and, unlike most indexes, determines the weight of each stock by its average weight in Robinhood clients’ portfolios rather than the dollar amount held by investors. Robinhood plans to update the index monthly. The public site Robinhood Investor Index page features an explanation of the index; a chart comparison with the NASDAQ; and diagrams showing the top holdings, top sectors and distribution by market cap.
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Fintech Monitor

Cash App expands Cash App Pay to all e-commerce sites and adds a Discover screen 
In expanding Cash App Pay partnerships beyond Square merchants, Cash App seems to be matching the merchant discount offerings of firms like PayPal.
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Life Insurance Monitor

Prudential adds new public site Life Insurance Awareness page
The new page discusses the importance of being protected with life insurance and houses links to the public site Life Stories, Did You Know, Easy Tools and Get Good with Life Insurance pages, which the firm created for Life Insurance Awareness Month. The page also features a section about the life insurance policy sweepstakes with a link to the Official Entry Form page.
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Mobile Monitor

Citi adds new Manage Recipient screen and Zelle Ready Contacts 
Citi’s new Manage Recipient screen allows users to edit Zelle recipient information as well as add and search for recipients. The firm also added a My Zelle Ready Contacts section to its Select Recipient screens and current daily limit information for P2P payments to its Send Money screens.
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P&C Monitor

Hippo launches online claim-filing capability, revamps policyholder site 
Hippo performed a design revamp across its policyholder site, outfitting all major site sections with black and bright green fonts, graphic icons and additional information. The insurer also rolled out an online claim-filing capability, allowing policyholders to file homeowners claims from within the account.
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Small Business Banking Monitor

Citi revamps interface for managing trusted user devices
The firm updated its authenticated site Manage Citi Trusted Identity interface with additional white space and a new sidebar menu that improves the overall page readability. While the added contextual information for each of the user’s devices explains that they can manage the devices, the interface notably does not feature any options for users to edit or delete them.
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