Medicare Research Services

Improve the digital Medicare member experience and track best practices and innovations.

The Medicare Research Services subscription gives you a first-hand look at the digital experiences for Medicare members from leading health insurers.


How Our Medicare Research Services Give You an Edge

Medicare Research Services provides an unprecedented view of the digital Medicare member journey, revealing actionable strategies needed to prepare for a volatile future. Our research gives you an edge on the competition amid escalating technology disruption and rising demands of member consumerism. Rapid innovations in telehealth and online tools herald big changes for members, and we’re here to help you navigate toward stability.

The Value in Our Deliverables for Medicare Research Services


Best Practice Reports

Our quarterly reports examine key aspects of the digital Medicare member experience at leading health insurers. These reports benchmark industry leaders with ratings that assess best practices and critique technological aspects of the member experience.


Digital Strategy Updates

Keep your finger on the pulse of the digital member experience with monthly updates that track all changes on leading insurer platforms as they happen. Leveraging our team of researchers and member panelists, we review changes in real time, showing our subscribers the latest updates to online platforms including quote tools, educational resources and wellness programs.


Competitor Capabilities Tracking

If you need a point-by-point comparison of the digital member experiences across hundreds of categories of competitors’ capabilities, we have you covered. Discover which platforms offer each feature to see how these capabilities change over time.


Custom Analyst Support

We provide personalized support from our Medicare Research Services team to help you dig deeper into our research. Have an ad-hoc question about a competitor’s platform? We’re here to give you an edge.


Medicare Quote Tools

With an increasing digitally literate aging population, it is essential for firms to prepare prospects shopping for Medicare insurance with the necessary online information and tools needed to make an informed decision. Learn how Quote tools can serve a vital purpose in member acquisition.

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    Success story

    A Medicare Research Services subscriber was interested in benchmarking its full enrollment journey for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement members with those of competing insurers. Our Medicare Research Services team captured the complete enrollment flows as well as the pre-effective experiences. We identified best practices for online enrollment experiences, focusing on ways the client could better serve Medicare members through the journeys and make the right plan selections. Our analysts provided firm-by-firm breakdowns and screenshots, using in-house UX testing to note industry-leading digital experiences.