NEW YORKJuly 11, 2023  — A new report from Corporate Insight identifies digital pharmacies from Amazon and CVS as among the leaders in key user experience categories. The report on homepages and navigation, which cites six firms as offering best-in-class experiences, is part of Corporate Insight’s new Pharmacy Monitor research service that provides actionable competitive intelligence on the digital tools and resources in the growing digital pharmacy space.

The Pharmacy Monitor report evaluates the homepages and navigation, critical elements of digital usability, from 20 leading online pharmacies. Firms like Amazon, CVS and MedImpact earn an Excellent rating by presenting informative and personalized homepages with effective, modern designs and employing straightforward navigation structures with well-organized account information. Only six of the 20 researched firms earned an Excellent rating, the highest possible.

The full list of firms to earn an Excellent rating includes:

  • Albertsons Pharmacy
  • Amazon Pharmacy
  • CenterWell
  • CVS Caremark
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • MedImpact

“The digital pharmacy space is seeing increased competition, particularly when it comes to website ease of use,” said Michael Ellison, president of Corporate Insight. “We introduced the Pharmacy Monitor research service to help firms identify best practices and improve their user experience. This first report shows that leaders include both recent entries and established pharmacies, but also that the industry has room to improve to better serve patients.”

The report also examined trends for pharmacy homepages. Order information and prescription history is comparatively popular, with 60% of firms presenting current and recent orders and 55% presenting prescription history data directly on the homepage. Customization options for web accessibility are far less common, with only two firms offering any accessibility customization options.

The Pharmacy Monitor research service issues quarterly reports on industry trends and best practices, identifying leaders in the industry with survey-backed research and 30 years of experience in competitive intelligence.