Since the onset of COVID-19, more consumers are turning to self-service options on their smartphones, sparking an industrywide boost in P&C AI technology and insurance mobile app capabilities. Several P&C insurers have undergone significant mobile app revamps or added new AI capabilities, bolstering digital offerings for policyholders.

Corporate Insight’s 2019 P&C Consumer Survey found that even pre-COVID-19, more policyholders were interacting with their insurers through digital channels instead of in person or over the phone. Now, carriers are relying even more on digital tools such as AI technology since the pandemic has incited the need to quickly reevaluate digital strategies across all industries. Insurers are now urging policyholders to leverage mobile apps to manage their accounts rather than directly contacting the firm.

P&C insurers ramp up AI technology and mobile capabilities amid COVID-19

New chatbots represent a shift in P&C AI technology

Multiple firms added virtual assistants this spring and summer to their public and policyholder sites. Several other insurers added COVID-19 messaging to their existing chatbots, providing customers with relief information and leading them to relevant resources. Consumer expectations for personalized, digital content have launched a shift in insurer are prioritization of P&C AI technology.

  • Amica released a new virtual assistant tool in May that includes a COVID-19 preset option as well as a large menu that covers billing, claims, policies and technical assistance topics. The chatbot is consistently available throughout the public and policyholder sites. Frequently entered phrases populate as users type an inquiry, expediting the process of manually typing a question.
  • Also in May, Allstate launched a policyholder site chatbot that features COVID-19 messaging and a link to the public site COVID-19 The chatbot can understand a wide range of inputs and direct users to relevant pages, articles or a live representative.
New P&C AI technology from Allstate Insurance
P&C AI Technology – Amica and Allstate Virtual Assistants
  • Other firms including GEICO, Progressive and Esurance also added COVID-19 messaging to their chatbots.
  • In July, Farmers added a claims virtual assistant to its Claim Services page, helping with frequently asked claims questions and providing adjusters’ names and contact information. The virtual assistant answers free-text inquiries and can direct users to a live representative. Users must provide a claim number to request adjuster information.
New P&C AI technology from Farmers Insurance
P&C AI Technology – Farmers Claims Virtual Assistant

Mobile app revamps prioritize self-service functionality

Two firms completely revamped their mobile apps in the past few months as well. The insurance mobile app capabilities represent a renewed focus on self-service options and ease of navigation to expand and expedite the overall policyholder experience.

  • GEICO revamped its mobile app home screen and navigation structure in April. The updated mobile app interface includes a static horizontal navigation menu and tiled design. The insurer continued the mobile app revamp in May by updating the Policy, Billing and Discover dashboards and adding a Claims dashboard. The new dashboards feature the updated aesthetic and include tile links to main account self-service options such as adding a driver, filing a claim or viewing ID cards.
Revamped GEICO Mobile App – What’s New? Screen, Home Screen and Claims Dashboard
  • Allstate revamped its mobile app in July, unifying the app’s design by updating sections that previously displayed dated formats. Similar to GEICO’s revamp, the app now positions prominent links in featured tiles at the top of the main screens and introduces a horizontal main navigation method that replaces a hamburger menu. A new Overview screen provides clear navigation to account information and includes colorful, personalized promotions. Many screens include slide-up or interstitial screens that allow policyholders to complete tasks without directing them to a new screen; tasks include filing a claim, viewing agent information and editing autopay.
Revamped Allstate Insurance Mobile App Capabilities
Revamped Allstate Mobile App – Login and Tour Screens

New insurance mobile app capabilities ease payment and claim-filing processes

Other mobile app changes in recent months reveal insurers’ focus on key digital account management capabilities. Firms have made significant updates in areas like easing mobile payments, improving access to account information and adding capabilities to the claim-filing process.

  • In May, State Farm added a State Farm Payment Plan screen, displaying account details, billing histories and statements. Clients can now schedule payments ahead of time via the Pay in Advance link. An expandable Notifications section on the home screen links to the State Farm Payment Plan screen. The firm also updated some of its pre-login screens, including the Accident Checklist and About This App. In June, State Farm addressed its mobile claims process by adding more free-text fields to enter claim details, including manually entering location details. Policyholders can also delete a draft claim rather than waiting until it expires after 30 days.
State Farm Insurance Mobile App Capabilities
State Farm Insurance Mobile App Capabilities
New State Farm Insurance Mobile App Capabilities – Login, Notifications and State Farm Payment Plan Screens, Describe Location Option and Delete Draft Feature
  • In June, Progressive added the ability to send photos, videos and documents to claims representatives for open claims on the mobile app.

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