The homepage and navigation user experience that P&C firms provide their customers can make or break a client relationship. The customer site homepage is a critical facet of property and casualty insurance policyholders’ digital experience and serves as the site’s main navigation center. Customers expect to see pertinent account information in a digestible format immediately upon login. Insurers must include all relevant details without overwhelming users with too much information. The homepage should also present an intuitive navigation structure, including main navigation menu links to access policy, billing and claims sections.

A recent report from P&C Insurance Monitor evaluates the homepages of 19 leading insurers, taking note of the page design, presented account information, availability of quick links and overall site navigation. In the report, we rate customer site homepages based on criteria in our audit, which provides a competitive benchmarking assessment and gap analysis in the property and casualty insurance industry.

Leading P&C insurers provide a well-designed customer site homepage with a succinct account overview and clear navigation structure

We last evaluated the homepage and navigation user experience in March 2018 and have observed a range of changes across the coverage set since, from full site revamps to minimal design changes. Insurers with highly rated homepages include policy and billing information, colorful elements, tiled designs, help resources and promotions.

Another prominent trend is the implementation of live chat and chatbot icons on the homepage, giving policyholders another mode of interaction with their insurers. For the most part, insurers could add more promotional initiatives and colorful elements to their homepages. They often miss opportunities to encourage policyholders to enroll in additional services, download mobile apps or purchase new insurance products.

Several firms set the bar high for an excellent homepage and navigation user experience

Firms covered in the report generally performed well, setting industry-standard best practices for an excellent user experience. Below, we outline some recommendations for customer site homepage design and navigation:

  • Employ a colorful tiled design with icons, images and accents – The customer site homepage should be attractive and vibrant, greeting customers and organizing information in a readable format. And policyholders should be able to find the information they need quickly, within the first few moments after logging in. Almost all insurers in this report organize their homepages in tiled sections to display policy and/or billing information, contact information, quick links or promotional initiatives. Insurers can use colorful elements to draw attention to alerts, important policy details, educational tools or interesting products or services.
Chubb Customer Site Homepage and Navigation User Experience
Chubb Customer Site Homepage (Truncated)
  • Provide a detailed account snapshot with both policy and billing information – Policyholders should be able to view both policy and billing information on the homepage. At a minimum, they need to see the policy type, period and number and the next payment date and amount. Insurers should also provide more details, such as the last payment amount, autopay status, payment plan details, insured properties or vehicles and agent information.
  • Offer insurer and agent contact information, live chat or virtual assistant support – Insurers should provide contact information on the homepage and throughout the site. More than half (63%) of insurers in this report deliver a live chat option, while about a third (32%) offer chatbot support from the homepage.

Subscribers can access the full report on the P&C policyholder site homepage and navigation user experience from our client portal. For access, or for more competitive intelligence on the user experience that insurers provide to their policyholders, check out Corporate Insight’s P&C Insurance Monitor research service offerings.