blankDespite their expertise in Web-based investing, robo-advisors have room for improvement in how they communicate digitally with investors, a new report suggests.

Digital advice firms are 13 times more likely to use e-mail to communicate with account holders than pop-ups and banners, according to new research from Corporate Insight. The consulting and research firm examined digital communications sent by 15 firms from March 2018 to March 2019, and found that the 985 e-mails Corporate Insight collected in that time were largely focused on alerting investors to statements or trade confirmations, says report author and director of brokerage research Jen Butler.

Most e-mail collected by Corporate Insight provided account updates, accounting for about 65% of messages, while maintenance information and notifications were the focus of about 11% of messages. Commentary and education e-mails accounted for 19%, while only 8% of e-mails sent by digital advice firms featured promotions or cross-selling messages.