Improve the health plan member online experience through personalized account and communication preferences

By offering a robust selection of account servicing options, firms can cut down on customer services requests, and improve member satisfaction with their health plans

Insurers should enable members to update their account and communication preferences easily and quickly online to match evolving circumstances and needs—without assistance from customer service. Ideally, firms should offer a robust assortment of account options, including the ability to manage passwords, phone numbers and email addresses.

Firms should also provide a plethora of communication types—like plan or benefit updates and promotional materials—with an equally wide range of delivery methods that members can opt in to, including text message and email. In addition to having these features, housing self-service preferences in a well-organized and centralized location with adequate support allows for easy findability and an efficient information updating process. While our recent survey shows that members actively use and value these features, firms could attract more traffic by strengthening existing options and investing in more personalized features.

This Health Plan Monitor Report analyzes the available online account and communication preference options offered to members by coverage group firms.All firms in this report offer care team management to some capacity, whether they allow members to view current provider and facility details or manage such teams. Top firms offer several care team details, management features and support, findable from numerous locations.

The most common care team detail offered on a dedicated page or section is provider details (93%)—such as name, specialty, address, phone number, PCP ID and more—followed by member details (57%) such as name and plan. Overall, 86% of firms in this report allow some level of care team management, whether this involves adding or removing a provider or facility and assigning or changing a PCP.

Many firms (71%) offer at least one form of care team management support such as live chat, virtual assistants, context via expandable tiles or contact details for support. Firms can improve the overall care management experience by offering additional details via a dedicated page with integrated management functionality and supportive resources.

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