Increase efficiency for members and insurers with effective online care team management

Improve the health plan user experience with self-service features such as centralized dashboards of frequently visited providers and facilities, and provider search tools

With the increased digitalization of healthcare services and use of member sites, users require additional self-service capabilities such as care team management. Not only do such features improve the user experience within the health plan realm, they also increase efficiency for members and insurers alike. Offering online care team management capabilities reduces the amount of time and resources both parties would otherwise spend communicating about PCP, specialist, facility and or hospital selection.

Members should be able to: view all their favorite or frequently visited providers and facilities in a centralized location to easily look up contact information for appointments or medical questions. If a plan allows members to select a PCP, even if not required, it benefits both the member and firm to allow such users to manage their care teams via their member site, specifically provider/facility search tools.

This Health Plan Monitor Report evaluates the available care team details and management capabilities as well as the related support offered to members by 14 coverage group firms. All firms in this report offer care team management to some capacity, whether they allow members to view current provider and facility details or manage such teams. Top firms offer several care team details, management features and support, findable from numerous locations.

The most common care team detail offered on a dedicated page or section is provider details (93%)—such as name, specialty, address, phone number, PCP ID and more—followed by member details (57%) such as name and plan. Overall, 86% of firms in this report allow some level of care team management, whether this involves adding or removing a provider or facility and assigning or changing a PCP. Many firms (71%) offer at least one form of care team management support such as live chat, virtual assistants, context via expandable tiles or contact details for support. Firms can improve the overall care management experience by offering additional details via a dedicated page with integrated management functionality and supportive resources.

To help members view and manage their care teams, health insurers should provide key details and the ability to search for new providers or hospitals. This report examines the findability and management of care teams from the member sites of 14 firms in the Health Plan Monitor coverage set. We evaluate the specific location, labelling, details and features associated with care team management across the member sites. If a firm offers a dedicated section or page for members to review and/or manage care teams, we examine the provider and facility details displayed. We also look at the functionalities provided in such dedicated areas and give credit to firms that offer intuitive management capabilities such as adding, removing or assigning care team members and/or facilities. In addition to such features, we assess the member’s ability to interact directly with the provider or facility from this area and find resources for support and contextual guidance. For firms who do not offer a dedicated care team management section or page within the member site, we examine the journey to manage such capabilities via the firm’s provider and/or facility search tool.

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