Improve the health plan member journey with detailed visualizations of deductibles and spending balances

Learn best practices about findability, content and design of deductibles and plan balances on health plan member sites

Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums and their corresponding limits determine member payments for healthcare services. Tracking these plan balances helps members understand their current spending and remaining amounts for in- and out-of-network expenses. Insurers should provide detailed information and visualizations to inform members about their spending balances.

This report assesses the findability, content, design and presentation of deductible and plan balance details on the member sites. Most firms in this report provide clear spending trackers with visual representations. Coverage group member sites offer a variety of useful trackers with different design elements, such as status bars and colorful fonts for totals.

The strongest firms offer multiple formats, such as a data table and progress meter, to ensure members can view and understand their plan balance information. Content is easily accessible, with many firms displaying deductible and out-of-pocket maximum trackers directly on the member homepage. Firms fall short in terms of interactive features for visualizations, like clickable categories and related quick links, that can provide supplemental information. This is an area where health insurers could learn from financial companies that display large quantities of data to improve the member experience.

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