Learn best practices for designing superior healthcare mobile apps

As the healthcare industry moves toward more modern healthcare mobile apps, Corporate Insight’s latest study shows significant room for improvement

Although health insurers have improved their mobile apps in recent years, our recent study still found significant room for improvement, with suggested best practices including:

  • Offering pre-login capabilities where appropriate
  • Avoid lengthy homescreens and redundant navigation menus
  • Providing guidance on how to use search tools
  • Use unique, value-added elements to stand out from competing healthcare mobile apps<.li>

This Health Plan Monitor Briefing assesses the healthcare mobile app usability and design from 19 organizations in our coverage group. While we pay close attention to each firm’s menu structure—an area of interest given the ever-evolving mobile design standards across industries—we also delve into apps’ individual sections to determine how firms organize content and functionalities.

Corporate Insight considers both pre- and post-login customization, navigational structure, visual design, multimedia accessibility, supported devices and user authentication.

We consider a wide range of healthcare mobile app features, such as main menu structure and the ability to view content-heavy features, such as member ID cards, in landscape mode. Other areas of focus include navigational techniques like 3D Touch menu shortcuts, tap-and-hold commands, menu customization, voice controls and virtual assistants.

Corporate Insight assesses these elements across different iOS phone generations, and we will refer to some elements like 3D and Haptic Touch interchangeably throughout the report unless a firm offers one and not the other. We rate firms highly for consistent navigation structures, value-added features and easily findable help resources.

Though the Health Plan Monitor coverage set that we track is moving toward simpler, more modern app designs, some firms still offer disjointed experiences with lengthy home screens and excessive content and menus. Streamlining the main navigation menus is one way many firms could dramatically improve their offerings. Firms are also well positioned to add more useful pre-login content on their healthcare mobile apps.

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