Learn how to improve online mental health design and resources

Perfect the digital healthcare experience by offering intuitive online mental health design and access to the resources members need to get care quickly

Online mental health design and resources allow people to manage their mental well-being while staying safe during the pandemic, lending increased flexibility and scalability while improving access to care. Our study reveals best practices, including:

  • Form notable partnerships with third-party online mental and behavioral health organizations
  • Narrow care gaps by displaying mental and behavioral health coverage details and out-of-pocket expenses on the member site
  • Offer care locators to help members find appropriate mental and behavioral healthcare providers and facilities

This Health Plan Monitor Briefing examines online mental and behavioral health design and resources offered by coverage group firms across their member sites. We look at the promotion and location of offerings and the types of mental and behavioral health resources or services provided.

Where applicable, we mention partnered resources and offline programs promoted by firms. We do not rate or rank firms due to the disparate programs and resources members have available to them through their health plans and employers.

The recent influx in digital mental health resources is a product of combined forces, from the rising prominence of technology in the industry to the necessary consequences of social distancing. Online mental health design and resources allow people to stay at home and prevent COVID-19 exposure while attending to their mental well-being, providing the mental healthcare system with increased flexibility and scalability while improving access and convenience for consumers.

Moreover, insurers are now offering promoted resources, waived costs and new programs to their members struggling with poor mental health during this challenging time. Many of these relief measures, which offer users support for anxiety and depression, are now digital.

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