How to improve healthcare portal design for a streamlined member experience

To create a strong member site experience, Corporate Insight analyzes how top firms perfect healthcare portal design, with a focus on the member homepage

Based on a survey-backed assessment of the most important features of member homepages, we reveal healthcare portal design best practices, including:

  • Display the member ID card prominently for quick access to essential plan information
  • Offer introductory page tutorials and plan overviews
  • Design intuitive favoriting functionality and contextual help
  • Implement search and virtual assistant functionality to streamline navigation

This Health Plan Monitor Briefing assesses the member site healthcare portal designs of 20 firms in our coverage set, specifically analyzing the design and organization of firms’ homepages as well as the types of content and supplementary resources offered.

Corporate Insight assesses the quantity and clarity of information available on the homepage, specifically looking at plan details and access points leading to healthcare-focused resources.

We note whether firms’ healthcare portal designs provide a detailed snapshot of plan balances, recent claims and insurance coverage that is directly findable upon login, and we consider notable features like personalized videos and prominent contact tools.

This Briefing studies homepage organizational elements such as tiled layouts, expandable menus and tables, as well as design choices like color schemes, use of white space and font readability. We evaluate homepage communication functionality, such as a virtual
assistants or live chat, as well.

The ability to access important content easily from the homepage has always been a key aspect of healthcare portal designs, as the homepage serves as the digital front door to the member experience. A member site homepage should also function as a hub for plan, coverage, claims and wellness information, supplying key details up front and providing seamless access to frequently needed supplementary information.

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