Learn how to improve online wellness center design and usability

Take a deep dive into the resources and platforms that healthcare organizations offer to organize online wellness educational content, learning modules and rewards

As insurers seek to encourage and facilitate member wellness, organizations have shifted toward personalized learning modules and actions plans; our study reveals a range of best practices in online wellness center design, including:

  • Keep members engaged through interactivity and media
  • Provide online enrollment options for wellness programs
  • Offer universal, centralized access to health and wellness content
  • Cover a wide range of health topics with resources for specific needs

This Health Plan Monitor Briefing focuses on online wellness center design and usability, with a focus on educational content to improve member health and wellness. We detail the location of each firm’s resources and the findability of content, especially if firms spread it across multiple sites or site sections.

Corporate Insight analyzes the type of content and the different groups or demographics covered by topic or category. Lastly, we highlight the medium used to present the content, examining whether firms offer text-based articles only or more engaging content such as infographics, podcasts and videos.

We also consider any notable online wellness center design features such as help resources, organizational components (e.g., expandable menus) and accessibility features. This report does not include rewards programs in its analysis, though some firms may include rewards information and actions as part of its larger health and wellness platforms; in these cases, we will reference rewards platform content.

Due to the scope of these platforms—plus the wide range of what insurers may consider to be health and wellness platforms and that some of the features may be buy-up features associated with the employer—we do not assign ratings in this report.

As more insurers incorporate educational materials, health and wellness centers have shifted toward learning modules and action plans personalized for the member.

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