Corporate Insight examines unique and innovative features that improve the member experience and provide valuable resources, tools or information

Learn about noteworthy personalization features, innovative approaches to COVID-19, improved login processes and unique account servicing technology

Health insurers’ digital experiences are increasingly vital during this unprecedented time, in which online interactions play an outsized role in healthcare. More than ever before, insurers must prioritize their digital strategies and carefully consider their use of technology to attract and retain members. This Health Plan Monitor  report highlights the unique and innovative features that coverage group insurers offer as part of the online member experience. This is the first time that Health Plan  Monitor has taken on this topic, focusing on features that improve the member experience and provide members with valuable resources, tools or information.

This report includes features that span a range of categories, including partnerships, the login process, COVID-19 and account servicing communication technologies  that are already widespread in other industries. We also discuss helpful personalization options in the coverage set, particularly around coverage and benefits details.

Some firms have also spearheaded innovative programs to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing themselves as community leaders. Some features in this  report are specific to the health insurance industry and may not translate to other industries, including digital health rewards programs, telehealth, mental health  services and online pharmacies; however, the demand for a seamless and personalized digital experience persists across almost all industries. Insurers should therefore continue to develop resources to meet and exceed these expectations.

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