Healthcare organizations are increasingly offering patients access to their records and care tools in convenient, centralized portals

Leaders in the space offer care recommendation pages that highlight essential care resources, like current medications and care team

The report examines how 15 organizations in the Health System Monitor coverage group present patient health summaries and personalized care recommendations.  These resources allow patients to view and access health record information and care tools conveniently on a single patient portal location. Health Summary and Plan  of Care pages serve a similar purpose to provide patients with an overall view of their health records supplemented with helpful resources to keep their information  accurate and manage their care.

Electronic Health Record (HER) platforms vary in how they offer patient health summaries, with the best in class experiences providing a wealth of medical record information on a single well organized page. Leaders go above and beyond by also offering a plan of care or care recommendation page that highlights essential care  delivery resources, like current medications and care team, and promotes actionable care tasks like managing a health condition, requesting an appointment and  accessing virtual care tools.

This report examines health summaries and plan of care resources featured on Health System Monitor organizations’ patient portals. We assess the organization and  presentation of these valuable site sections as well as the type of health data, tasks and health recommendations organizations provide to patients. While our  assessment looks at how organizations enable tasks with actions regarding a patient’s specific health needs, we do not focus on the actual health event, as that may  uniquely vary with each patient.

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