Learn best practices for how 17 major healthcare organizations deliver content across consumer segments and facilitate easy movement across their sites.

This report examines the overall design and approach organizations use to present information for patients and providers.

In this report, we examine how 17 organizations in the Health System Monitor coverage group present their public site homepages and main navigational menus. Whether greeting potential visitors or welcoming returning patients, these “front doors” play an essential role in the overall user experience of a website. As the first screen to the public eye, the homepage represents the organization’s brand and services, making the appearance and utility of that page of the utmost importance.  With a wide array of health information, digital tools and informational content to deliver across consumer segments, health systems should facilitate easy  movement across their sites.

More than half of the coverage set features secondary main menu flyout tabs, which provide direct access to more content offered throughout the public site. Some organizations provide notable site features, including omnipresent main navigation menus and sections of quick links. Few provide virtual assistants that facilitate user access to site content or web functions for accessibility. Health systems with longer homepages should look to introduce organizational elements to help reduce the need for excessive scrolling.

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