Health system startup Forward Health’s approach to care, delivery and breadth of programs

Learn how Forward Health compares to industry peers, from seamlessness and simplicity to communication and cost effectiveness

Healthcare industry leaders have long understood the importance of primary care to maximize population health, strengthen health outcomes and reduce costs. While the United States outspends the globe annually on healthcare per person, the efficacy and availability of its primary care falls woefully short. Many organizations are attempting to fix this problem by creating primary care solutions that leverage technology to improve experiences and outcomes.

Corporate Insight researched one such startup, Forward Health, to understand the company’s innovative approach to primary care. Corporate Insight also interviewed current Forward subscribers to better understand the existing patient experience across in-person and digital formats.

Through our research and these interviews, we gained an understanding of Forward’s approach to care, delivery and breadth of programs. We also discovered key elements of a Forward member’s patient experience, including possible gaps.

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