Get an in-depth analysis of the maternity care journey from the first trimester to postpartum appointments

Learn from deep patient interviews about preferences and pain points throughout the care journey, from scheduling and appointments to pregnancy tracking apps and resources

According to the National Partnership for Women & Families, pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care makes up the highest percentage (about 23%) of inpatient stays in the U.S. Furthermore, six of the 16 most common hospital procedures occur for maternal and newborn care, while cesarean births make up the country’s most common operating room procedure. To understand one of the biggest segments of the U.S. healthcare system and journey of a major life event, we conducted in depth user interviews.

Corporate Insight conducted user research over two weeks in November 2021 to understand the maternity journey from the first trimester to postpartum appointments. Through such interviews and user insights of maternity care across the U.S., we gained an understanding of the journey from scheduling appointments to completing them. Respondents also discussed their expectations, successes and areas for improvements  long their experiences from the first trimester to postpartum care.

Key themes covered in this month’s report include:

•   Appointment scheduling: In person, telehealth and communications

•   Appointments by trimester: Actions, discussions, expectations and successes of first to fourth (postpartum) trimester appointments

•   Educational resources and tools: Provided materials and tools used during appointments

•   Pregnancy tracking apps: Specific apps used and related likes, dislikes and standout features

•   Patient support: Types of support networks throughout journey and overall satisfaction

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