Health systems are acclimating to the Amazon Effect, where patients expect seamless mobile bill pay from any device

Get a deep dive into the billing management systems available on health system mobile apps

Payment is a central element of a health system’s mobile app. With the Amazon Effect impacting consumer expectations across every digital touchpoint, patients  expect to seamlessly pay their balance through a straightforward transaction on their device of choice. Providing self service billing capabilities on a mobile app  removes the need to log in to the desktop site or even to log in altogether through guest pay functions. This Health System Monitor Report evaluates the billing management available to patients on coverage set mobile apps.

Best in class health system apps offer a robust billing experience equipped with payment and activity histories as well as flexible payment options and account  management tools. Most organizations offer well organized and easily findable billing sections. Several apps stand out for offering financial assistance requests and payment plan tools to help patients with costs; however, more organizations should introduce pre login bill payment functions and options for patients to pay using alternative methods like mobile wallets and digital money services.

This Health System Monitor Report reviews the billing information and payment capabilities provided on the mobile apps of 21 coverage group organizations. Since every organization in the report offers an app for iPhone, and apps for other operating systems are generally comparable, we focus specifically on the iOS experience. While we do not finalize the payment process, we examine both the one time and automatic payment functions and the availability to manage information and payments. We also assess public bill pay capabilities findable from the patient mobile apps. We note if patients can view transaction history. We also examine the filtering options to help patients easily find a payment data. Lastly, we note if patients can view, save and/or email a bill on the mobile app.

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