Learn how to provide effective public site resources for healthcare professionals

We assess the design and organization of public site resources for health professionals with an emphasis on content depth, focus and format of tools and resources.

In this Health System Monitor Briefing, we study how healthcare organizations build and grow their relationships with healthcare professionals through public site resources, revealing best practices, including:

  • Offer information on available services, programs and healthcare professional opportunities
  • Provide value-added physician tools to help with care delivery and administrative services
  • Help healthcare professionals develop their medical knowledge
  • Promote public site resources for health professionals to make sure users are aware of the tools they can access

Corporate Insight’s Briefing on public site resources for healthcare professionals studies 13 organizations in the Health System Monitor coverage group. As health systems continue to improve and develop their digital tools and services, public site resources offer quick and useful ways to build a mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and healthcare professionals.

As people continue to expect to manage their medical care online, healthcare professionals will likewise look to online resources to continue developing their practices digitally and earn continuing medical education credits.

Organizations offering public site resources for healthcare professionals should focus on balancing promotional, informational and educational content. Best-in-class public sites provide easy access to dedicated sections with helpful navigational elements, information on professional and academic programs, access to educational libraries with free online content and direct links to tools to assist with provider workflows and patient care.

While healthcare professionals play distinct roles at varying health systems—some focusing more on research and academics while others more on clinical care—we evaluate resources to these targeted audiences equally across our coverage set. We identify dedicated sections aggregating all pertinent resources on a variety of industry issues that facilitate a working and learning relationship with the organization.

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