How to Provide a Strong Digital Healthcare Member Site Experience through Medicare Coverage and Benefits Details

Learn best practices about how firms offer digital healthcare coverage and benefits content to Medicare members

In this Medicare Monitor Briefing, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce member calls by leveraging improved digital healthcare member site experiences
  • Improve the display and organization of benefits information
  • Strengthen the search and sorting capabilities in the digital healthcare member site experience
  • Design the member homepage to best highlight benefits at a glance
  • Address a wide variety of services to address all member needs

Coverage and benefits details allow members to determine upfront cost of care for common visits and provide an at-a-glance view of what services their plans cover. This information can also put members’ costs into perspective relative to their plan balances and network providers. Without online coverage and benefits information, members must call their insurers or find their benefits packets to determine if they will incur unexpected or high costs for healthcare services. Digital healthcare content covering these services for Medicare members should therefore be an industry standard, and it should be well-organized and easily findable.

The coverage set firms that we studied varied dramatically in their digital healthcare coverage and benefits details, with several lacking this information entirely within coverage-related site sections. Overall, coverage set firms have significant room for improvement in providing a more complete view of coverage and benefits details.

Our assessment considers the findability of information from the homepage, the crucial types of details that may fall into coverage information, and the depth and format of coverage and benefits digital healthcare content that makes up the member site experience. We study access to a wide variety of resources, from help tools and integrated sections to downloadable resources and links to cost estimators.

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