Discover Medicare Advantage online enrollment best practices that expedite the enrollment process and reduce frustration.

With an increasingly digital-savvy aging population, Medicare Advantage enrollment is shifting away from brokers, and this report shows how organizations can meet high expectations.

This Briefing will discuss Medicare Advantage enrollment best practices, including:

  • Incorporating essential quote tool elements into enrollment forms
  • Include the most important information on overview pages to prepare enrollees prior to applying
  • Focus on eliminating crucial pain points and simplifying Medicare Advantage enrollment for users of all digital skill levels
  • Providing visual Medicare card references and integrated help elements throughout enrollment tools

As the population of Medicare Advantage enrollees becomes more comfortable with using the internet, they now prioritize doing their own research about which plan to purchase. Medicare organizations are expediting the enrollment process via online tools that are faster and less error-prone than paper submissions.

Customers and insurers alike benefit as online, self-directed enrollment presents clear expectations that can make an unfamiliar process manageable. These Medicare Advantage enrollment tools can help reduce potential frustration and time-consuming calls to the firm, which may decrease costs and free organizations to focus on meeting members’ needs rather than addressing application errors.

This Medicare Monitor Briefing examines Medicare Advantage enrollment tools offered by 22 firms in our coverage group. The analysis focuses on each tool’s findability, design, inputs and help features. We also reference additional linked tools that allow users to personalize the shopping experience, including provider locators and drug formularies.

We cover the online enrollment process for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans up to the steps that require applicants to create accounts, enter payment information or submit an application.

Firms do not adhere to a standard design across the coverage group. A lack of a standard streamlined process in the industry yields a dramatic range of confusing and text-heavy experiences to modern and easy-to-use ones. In an insurer space where purchase loyalty is more critical, offering a lagging enrollment tool can deter potential customers. All firms have a responsibility to provide easy-to-use and understandable plan selection and application processes.

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