Streamline the Medicare Advantage Enrollment Process through Comprehensive Quote Tools

Help members make confident, well-informed decisions by designing a personalized Medicare Advantage quote tool

​Medicare prospects value an informed and easily understandable plan shopping experience, and firms that offer simple, efficient quote tools will meet applicants’ demands. Eliminating the need for users to contact the firm, contact an agent or attend a seminar to learn about plan options significantly reduces the time and investment from users and insurers. Further, by having a personalized quoting experience, users are more accurately able to assess their options and make a confident and successful decision, which may result in higher satisfaction and retention. Insurers that wish to succeed in the future must therefore deliver a detailed, personalized and intuitive quote tool. This report reviews public site Medicare Advantage quote tools from 24 firms in our coverage set.

This report examines Medicare Advantage quote tools offered on the public websites of the Medicare Monitor coverage group firms. The analysis focuses on each tool’s findability, design, inputs, generated results and help features. We also analyze integrated functions such as data aggregators, help and plan selection tools that allow users to personalize the shopping experience.

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