Get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes view of Medicare member behavior on health plan websites

Find out which topics are most important to Medicare members on health plan websites; rate coverage and health plan information ranks highest

This month’s Medicare Monitor Report provides analysis from Corporate Insight’s online survey of health plan members in June 2021. Our analysis focuses on Medicare members’ behavior on health plan websites, as this group is not particularly active on mobile apps. Despite the apparent lower popularity of mobile apps,  insurers should think of mobile devices as on opportunity to expand their reach with older consumers.

Medicare respondents rate coverage and health information as the most important website category, followed by claims and then prescriptions and pharmacy. This  age group is more likely to visit the doctor often, use their health benefits and have multiple prescriptions. Firms should continue to consistently introduce and  improve web and mobile features associated with these categories to help improve the digital Medicare experience for members.

The data suggests notable differences between Medicare members (Boomers and Silent Generation respondents) and younger health plan members. Older  generations are actively using digital features to manage their healthcare through services like prescription benefits managers (PBMs) and telehealth. The pandemic  demonstrated that health insurance members, regardless of age, need tools and resources to adapt to care in an increasingly digital world. Medicare users are no  exception to using digital benefits and now may expect more digital offerings for their other health needs.

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