Learn how to design intuitive, user-friendly document and forms centers for Medicare members

To create a fully-online self-service Medicare member experience, Corporate Insight examines best practices for digital document and forms centers

While consumer expectations set by digital experiences of those outside the health insurance industry continue to grow, insurers must maintain online document functionalities for users to update their accounts entirely without paper. Document and forms centers offer users a single place to find important files across public and authenticated member sites. Through these centers, health insurers can consolidate online transactional tasks typically associated with the burdensome need to download, print, fill and mail.

We examine the online document centers of member and public sites from 32 sites across 16 firms in the Medicare Monitor coverage group. Firms in this report display public and member site documents and forms in varying ways, and they provide a wide range of functionalities to view, fill and send forms. The strongest firms offer a wealth of documents for users to manage and service their accounts, plans and personal information, all within a single, easy-to-locate hub. Firms fall short when they do not feature organized lists of documents with capabilities for users to search, sort and filter through. Ideally, forms themselves should feature instructions and guides on how to fill and submit, and they should provide users with an understanding of what to expect when sending forms. Consumers expect the ability to complete servicing tasks electronically and avoid the hassle of downloading, printing, filling and mailing forms. More insurers should introduce forms with online fill and submission capabilities, currently offered by 25% of sites in this report. Lastly, documents and forms should feature a variety of functions to assist Medicare beneficiaries requiring accessibility need.

In this report, Corporate Insight’s industry experts detail a number of best practices in the document and form management space, including:

•    Offer beyond the standard set of documents and forms
•    Assist members with instructions and information on how to fill out and send forms
•    Employ enhanced document functions such as embedded previews, upload tools and secure sending
•    Incorporate navigational design elements to help organize expansive lists of documents and forms
•    Offer sorting and filtering options to facilitate document findability
•    Consider accessibility capabilities

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