Learn how to design intuitive, user-friendly patient portals for Medicare Supplement members

To improve the Medicare member experience, Corporate Insight examines best practices in design elements, capabilities and resources in Medicare Supplement plans

This Medicare Monitor Report features eight site reviews for several Medicare Supplement plan types (e.g., Plan G, Plan N, Plan F), considering online capabilities, resources and tools as well as site positioning and design elements that contribute to members’ user experience.

Best-in-class firms offer direct access to Medicare Supplement member sites from public site points such as homepage login fields, homepage promotions and universal header/footer links. Information displayed on member site homepages varies, but firms should look to include pertinent content such as claim details, plan names, upcoming payment details, premium amounts, payment histories and recent messages.

  • At a minimum, most organizations in this report provide members with direct access to bill pay sections, coverage and benefit details, ID card resources, claim details, profile/account settings, contact sections and member forms from the homepage or main navigation menu
  • Half of firms feature flyout main menu tabs, providing direct access to most of the resources and content offered on the member site; content only findable from the member site homepage can cause members to miss useful resources
  • Traditional medical insurance member sites also include health and wellness sections with information on health programs, access to digital health tools, educational content on conditions and treatments, and other health management resources

In this Medicare Monitor Report, we examine the Medicare Supplement member portals offered by eight health insurers. We review the features and functionality of member sites to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do members access and navigate the site?
  • What plan and health information is available to members?
  • What actions can members perform online?
  • How can members service their accounts online?
  • What help and educational resources are available?

This report serves as a reference guide to Medicare Supplement member sites for the firms examined, including experiences across several plan types (e.g., Plan F, Plan G, Plan N).

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