Learn how to offer a superior digital healthcare experience with an actionable Medicare member homepage

Our Medicare member experience research reveals best practices on the most important piece of site architecture

In this Medicare Monitor Briefing, you will learn how to:

  • Provide customizable homepages by mimicking best practices from other industries
  • Make digital healthcare homepages actionable with convenient, embedded tools and seamless navigation
  • Display essential plan information to stand apart from competitors
  • Design introductory help functionality to be accessible and useful

The member site digital healthcare experience begins with the homepage, where users access any plan, coverage, claims and wellness information. This critical aspect of the digital healthcare experience allows members to navigate to every important site area. As the beginning of the online member journey, the homepage must supply key details up front and seamless access to frequently needed supplementary information.

To inform our patient experience research, the Briefing reveals findings from our recent Medicare member survey of which site features are most important to them, including:

  • Clear and logical overall navigation from page to page
  • The ability to access popular links directly from the homepage
  • The ability to customize content shown on the authenticated site homepage

Well-organized information optimizes Medicare members’ understanding of policy details and guides their navigation to key site resources. We found a lack of clear industry standards in our assessment of 13 leading Medicare organizations. Our member experience research examines the design and organization of firms’ offerings as well as the types of content and supplementary resources offered. From the standpoint of a member looking to access account information and plan-focused resources, we assess the quantity and clarity of information available on the homepage, specifically looking at plan details and access points to healthcare-focused resources. In this digital healthcare experience Briefing, we examine whether firms provide a detailed picture of crucial member information such as plan balances, recent claims and insurance coverage details directly upon login to the authenticated member site.

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