Small Business Finance Research Services

Cater to the needs of digital-first small business owners amid a saturated market of banking and credit card products.

The Small Business Finance Research Services monthly subscription gives you a first-hand look at the online banking and credit card user experience for small business account owners.

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How Our Small Business Finance Research Services Give You an Edge

Small Business Finance Research Services tracks the business owner digital experience at leading banks and credit card companies, offering our subscribers deep qualitative analysis of the industry. Our research examines the full bank and card management experience, covering topics such as mobile apps, transaction history features and business benefits.

The Value in Our Deliverables for Small Business Finance Research Services


Best Practice Reports

Our monthly reports examine key aspects of the online small business owner experience at leading bank and card firms. These reports benchmark industry leaders with point-by-point ratings and suggest best practices to help improve your company’s offerings. We also provide a slide deck summarizing best practices and industry leaders for easy sharing within your organization.


Digital Strategy Updates

Keep your finger on the pulse of the small business financial experience with monthly updates that track all changes to your competitors’ digital interfaces as they happen. Leveraging our team of account holder panelists, we review changes in real time, showing our subscribers the latest enhancements to design, usability, marketing practices and transactional capabilities.


Competitor Capabilities Tracking

Whether you need a point-by-point comparison of the small business finance industry across hundreds of categories or full videos of competitors’ authenticated site capabilities, we have you covered. Discover which firms offer each feature and watch videos to see how these capabilities change over time.


Custom Analyst Support

We provide personalized support from our dedicated Small Business Finance Research Services team to help you dig deeper into our research. Have an ad-hoc question about a competitor’s digital experience? We’re here to give you an edge.


Small Business Card Monitor: Competitive Research Report – Built-In Card Travel, Purchase and Account Benefits Report

Card benefits—such as travel, account and purchase protections—are easily overlooked, but they can help make a credit card more than simply a method for making payments as well as contribute to top-of-wallet status. For prospective customers, built-in card benefits can highlight the subtle differences between card offerings with similar APRs and reward earnings, helping inform decisions to open a card account.

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