Traditional Brokerage Research Services

Improve investor engagement and track best practices and innovations from leading brokerage firms.

The Traditional Brokerage Research Services monthly subscription gives you a first-hand look at the competitive landscape of self-service and hybrid brokerage firms.


How Traditional Brokerage Research Services Give You an Edge

Traditional Brokerage Research Services tracks the online and offline experiences at leading full-service and hybrid brokerage firms, offering our subscribers survey-backed qualitative analysis of the industry. Our research leverages authentic brokerage accounts and financial advisor contacts, covering topics such as product positioning, private site resources, statements and in-person interactions. As the brokerage industry becomes increasingly competitive due to shrinking high net worth markets and the proliferation of digital advice, a subscription with Traditional Brokerage Research Services helps our subscribers stay ahead of the field.

We identify how leading firms attract new investors, provide existing investors with performance metrics and advise clients on security and retirement. Our research team leverages our decades of brokerage experience, established UX best practices and our diverse panel of investors and financial advisors to help firms provide standout online and offline experiences.

The Value in Our Deliverables for Traditional Brokerage Research Services


Best Practice Reports

Our monthly reports examine key aspects of the offline prospect and investor experience for traditional brokerage firms. These reports benchmark industry leaders with point-by-point ratings and suggest best practices to help you improve your company’s offerings. We also provide a slide deck summarizing best practices and industry leaders for easy sharing within your organization.


Collateral Tracking

All communications our brokerage panelists receive, including statements, trade confirmations, newsletters, marketing pieces, disclosure documents and emails, are available to our subscribers to view or download.


Custom Analyst Support

We provide personalized support from our dedicated team of Traditional Brokerage Research analysts to help you dig deeper into your competition. Have an ad-hoc question about a competitor’s client experience? We’re here to give you an edge.

Annual Statement Analysis Report

Broker Monitor Industry Overview Report: Annual Statement Analysis

Corporate Insight is excited to present the latest installment of our annual hardcopy statement analysis, a topic we have examined consistently for over a decade. Using our proprietary Benchmarking Audit software, we assess the hard copy statements provided by every firm in the Broker Monitor competitive set, across roughly 70 individual data points.

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