Improve the design, positioning and usability of your digital interfaces and customer journeys with our UX research

Use our user experience (UX) research to better understand your customers’ needs and how those customers use digital products. Our UX research gathers insights about the experience your customers have during brand interaction. Digital aspects and all touchpoints are the key focus of UX research. You’ll get user feedback on designs in process as well as on live sites or apps.

Most of our UX research is conducted through qualitative interviewing methods, both remote and in-person. For in-person research, we have a versatile user lab in midtown Manhattan, a mobile lab for on-site interviews as well as the option to set up focus facilities in any city. Most remote research is performed using a variety of web conferencing solutions.

Our UX research team handles all aspects of the user experience research process


Participant recruiting and incentives

Diagnose your customers’ diverse needs and expectations with our proven successful approach


Development of the research approach and moderator’s discussion guide

Utilize our expert reviews, personas, surveys and usability testing to steer design and development of methodology toward your user-centered goals


Access to the user testing lab, recording equipment and all project management

Benefit from our flexible, multipurpose on-site or remote facility solutions


Expert interview moderation by a trained moderator

Gain value from our robust user experience research and team expertise


Full analysis and development of a report document

Establish distinct competitive advantages by leveraging our actionable insights


Readout or workshop of findings as needed

Succeed in delivering an optimal customer experience by tapping into our strong client partnership

The experience you deliver to your customers is one of the key differentiators your firm can use to stand out from the competition

Download a free copy of Users in Your DNA: 5 Mindsets of A UX-Obsessed Culture where you’ll learn how to join the movement and introduce a user-focused culture into your company.

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