Although live-video shopping has struggled to take off in the U.S.—with Facebook and Instagram exiting the market—various firms are still jumping on the trend. Firms continue to look for innovations in payment and purchasing, from in-app payments and easier splitting between friends, to new shopping rewards and alternative credit-building options. Live video shopping offers more new opportunities for customer engagement and payment, as firms try to replicate the touch points of traditional in-person retail. CI’s tracks and follows the digital experience from a variety of firms across financial services. In this post, we look at new features from Walmart, Apple and Klarna.

Below are some examples of firms using video streaming for innovations in the shopping and payment space.

Walmart’s TalkShopLive

One live shopping experience comes from Walmart, which partnered with TalkShopLive and Facebook to bring shoppable simulcasts to retailers. (We’ve previously covered Walmart’s attempts to build an all-in-one super app.) Walmart’s livestream commerce feature from TalkShopLive—Shoppable Simulcast—allows retailers to simulcast livestreams to Facebook business pages. Sellers can simulcast a stream on up to four pages at once with Facebook as the first rollout partner. Facebook followers receive an alert for livestreams, giving consumers the ability to watch and shop directly within the social network. Typing the word “buy” as a comment during the stream prompts the product in Facebook messenger for checkout—without the need to leave the social network.

TalkShopLive Stream Page

Following the 2022 TalkShopLive livestream shopping partnership, Walmart expanded its shopping streams to the social media network, distinguishing itself as one of the first firms to use shoppable simulcasts. The firm will likely continue to seek out potential social media partners beyond Facebook to expand the reach of their simulcasts and capitalize on the increasing number of social media users and digital advertisements.

Simulcasts aren’t Walmart’s only form of video media, as the company’s website and app also emphasize an omnichannel shopping experience with live video content. Walmart’s social media-inspired long-scroll home page reveals shopping categories and horizontal carousels with products for upcoming holidays, events and seasons. The firm demonstrates an ongoing effort to leverage social commerce to attract younger consumers and compete with retail giants such as Amazon. The page’s long-scroll format, timely and topical product carousels, and personalized product promotions also encourage continued in-site browsing for customers simply exploring the site, elements that strongly resemble Amazon’s shopping experience.

Apple’s Shop with a Specialist

Apple competes in shopping and payment innovations with a new feature called Shop with a Specialist—a free, live-video shopping service for iPhone products. The new service is currently available for U.S. customers shopping for iPhones, but Apple plans to expand to other products in the future. Customers can speak to an Apple Specialist—who can answer questions, find deals, provide general iOS information and help with tech specs—while browsing the latest iPhone models and features. Each session features the specialist on camera and screensharing, but specialists are not able to see the customer. Customers can access the service every day from 7 AM to 7 PM PT.

Apple’s Shop with a Specialist Feature

Apple’s Shop with a Specialist service directs more consumers to its ecommerce website. The service helps Apple virtually offer the high-touch customer service that their in-store retail specialists traditionally provide. Additionally, Shop with a Specialist creates a platform to promote future products as it currently demonstrates with the latest iPhone release. The service expands Apple’s existing customer support technologies, such as the Apple Support app, which focuses on live communication with customer support for tech troubleshooting.

Klarna’s Stellar Global

CI’s fintech coverage set includes and reports on Klarna, which partnered with Stellar Global to debut its virtual shopping solution for ecommerce brands. The tool allows brands to engage with online customers via live video chats as they browse webpages. As part of the online experience, Stellar offers product experts for brand partners in multiple languages and provides advice for customers through an online chat box. Video meetings take place from a studio space where Stellar’s teams can showcase products, help with onboarding and answer technical questions. Customers also have the option to self-initiate live video chats with their designated product experts.

Following the firm’s AI-powered personalized shopping feed, Klarna focused on improving digital shopping experiences, this time following closely after Apple’s Shop with a Specialist and Walmart’s TalkShopLive simulcasts. With increasing industry adoption, video services may become more common, minimizing the difference between in-person and online shopping and capitalizing on the growing number of ecommerce sales.

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Sherry Chow

Sherry Chow is an analyst on CI's Fintech and Mobile Finance teams.