Chat GPT vs your bank presentationComplete the form below to access our webinar recording and slide presentation on next gen AI in
financial services hosted by our industry research experts at Corporate Insight. Based on a recent
detailed study of top financial services chatbots and next generation tools from ChatGPT and Google,
our analysts examine the strengths and weaknesses of the current AI offerings in financial services. The
financial services industry offered some of the best publicly available chatbots until the release of large
language model tools like ChatGPT and Bard in late 2022. This webinar examines how these tools from
banks, brokerages and insurers stack up now, in a post-ChatGPT world, where user expectations will be
set by the most advanced chatbots.

Topics covered include:

  • Large language models vs. financial services chatbots
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each chatbot’s current handling of routine tasks, complex requests, and language recognition
  • Current capabilities for making financial recommendations
  • Areas in which ChatGPT and Bard outperform the industry’s chatbots
  • Areas where financial services chatbots remain strong

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