NEW YORK, October 6, 2016Corporate Insight today announced that it is expanding its custom User Experience (UX) research services, with a broader mission to add value to firms’ digital platforms. The expansion comes amid growing concern from clients around the customer experience – and the rising cost of a poor client experience. Initially focused on the financial services and healthcare industries, the UX practice will complement the research offerings of the firm’s Monitor Services, which provide ongoing, tactical research by industry vertical, as well as the Consulting Services divisions, which provide strategic, project-focused custom research studies.

“The customer experience has been the basis of our competitive intelligence research since our founding,” said Michael Ellison, president of Corporate Insight. “By integrating our deep knowledge of the competitive landscape – our core strength – with UX research insights, we are uniquely positioned to help clients deliver exceptional digital experiences for their customers.”

“UX research that is insightful and actionable helps clients be proactive, and avoid major design and user experience issues before production, when changes are often expensive,” said Adam Hulnick, vice president, who was appointed in July 2016 to lead Corporate Insight’s UX research practice. “Our reports give clients a clear and concise, unbiased action plan for improvements, helping them create products and services that are satisfying and engaging to use.”

Corporate Insight’s expanded UX research offerings – comprised of standalone studies, project series, ongoing programs and retainer models – include techniques such as in-depth interviews; in-the-lab, contextual and remote interviews; usability testing; expert reviews; card sorting; persona development; and surveys. Corporate Insight has provided User Testing services since November 2011, integrating real-world users and quantitative analysis to produce new insights into platform usability and effectiveness.

About Corporate Insight

Corporate Insight provides competitive intelligence, consulting and user experience (UX) research to the nation’s leading financial services firms, insurers and educational institutions. For more than two decades, the firm has published customer experience-focused research and has advised clients on key competitive issues with a focus on helping them improve their digital capabilities. The firm offers subscription-based Monitor Services in 14 verticals, including brokerage, healthcare and alumni relations, along with custom research and consulting services, digital capabilities audits, special studies and UX research.