A Fortune 500 subscriber to Life Insurance Monitor sought to offer pre-login bill payment. As life insurance policies require infrequent login and the average American has 130 online accounts associated with their email address, policyholders understandably may have trouble remembering their usernames and passwords.  A pre-login bill payment capability allows policyholders to maintain their policies online without worrying about passwords. CI’s team of Life Insurance analysts produced a report covering the pre-login capabilities from 13 leading firms, detailing payment, forms and claims available without login. Our report noted industry leaders and made concrete recommendations, including that firms should allow a range of simple verification methods, as overly stringent methods negate the benefit of a pre-login option. Leveraging our research, the subscriber developed a best-in-class pre-login bill payment capability, making it easier for policyholders to pay their premiums, reducing lapses and increasing customer satisfaction.