Watch Kara Melber, CI’s Workplace & Retirement Research Manager, discuss the role of content in financial wellness education programs during the Beyond Education Panel at the Spark Forum 2022 conference. Kara is joined by Howard Manzon, Senior Director of Financial Wellness & Innovation at TIAA; Lee Regan, the Director of Product Management at Financial Fitness Group; and David Stedman, the CEO of BrightDime.

The panel focused on the role of content in financial wellness programs and the importance of understanding where users are in their respective financial journeys. Different users have different needs, and there’s no one-size-fits all educational program when it comes to financial wellness. The group also touched on engagement techniques, including providing information across different mediums and using behavioral science to motivate users. The panel also covered financial coaching and how to make these various resources more approachable to users—the best designed financial wellness program has no value if users are too intimidated to interact with it.

The Beyond Education panelists also discussed best practices for turning newfound financial wellness knowledge into action and getting users to change their behaviors for the good. The discussion also touched on recent trends the panelists have seen in this space and the importance of establishing partnerships with other firms to fully address users’ needs. Our own research found that account aggregation and benefit integration are particularly important when it comes to building the best financial wellness user experience. The industry does better when firms cooperate and partner together. Users also benefit when they can see their entire financial picture in one location, with educational resources to help them strengthen their position and plan for the future.

Watch the above video for the full discussion. For more on financial wellness and UX best practices across the financial services industry, check out our Insights section. And learn more about how our Workplace Benefits subscription research service can help your organization.


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