As the country continues to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are expanding their online capabilities to meet the needs of members and patients. Corporate Insight will discuss notable changes to the digital healthcare consumer experience in a COVID-19-focused live webinar on Wednesday, June 17 at 2:00 EDT.

In our webinar, we will briefly highlight where firms were investing in their digital experiences before COVID-19, followed by an in-depth look at the pandemic responses by firms in the Health Plan Monitor, Medicare Monitor and Health System Monitor coverage groups. We will highlight insurers and health systems investing in telehealth infrastructure and discuss the value of virtual care services, and we will look at firm communication surrounding these new services. Other impactful changes currently occurring in the industry that we will cover include increased transparency regarding care and coverage, chatbots serving as information hubs and assessment tools, and the many new testing center locator tools.

In 2019, firms were already investing in telehealth, and awareness of virtual care platforms was on the rise. Organizations were also working to improve cost transparency and other aspects of the member experience. Since the beginning of the pandemic, firms have not only provided actionable new tools, they have also augmented existing tools to include COVID-19 information and centralized resources in dedicated information hubs across platforms. Notably, while telehealth is experiencing a significant shift in awareness and usage, firms are also expanding their existing resources in other areas, such as third-party behavioral health platforms like educational databases, online community forums and free or discounted mental health apps.

Organizations have also used email more than any other contact method to reach out to customers about the pandemic. Email communications from healthcare firms across our coverage sets have addressed an array of topics, including service interruptions, relief measures, leadership communication, preventative advice, telehealth services, and behavioral and mental health.

Most email communications link to additional resources, including self-service capabilities, articles and commentaries, and the CDC and WHO websites. Corporate Insight is continuing to monitor firm responses to the COVID-19 pandemic closely for our clients, aggregating content in an authenticated site section that houses all messaging across the firms we track in the healthcare industry.

Webinar attendees will learn more about communications, resources and telehealth investment, as well as ways to become leaders in the healthcare industry in terms of digital offerings. Register here for our Corporate Insight healthcare webinar today!