Amy Harvey of the Entrepreneur Fund quotes Corporate Insight analyst Jennifer Butler in an article on what the Morgan Stanley Etrade merger means for advisors.

What the Morgan Stanley, E*TRADE Merger Means for Advisors

The Changing Financial Landscape

“Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*TRADE reflects the broader trend toward industry consolidation and the attempts we see across many financial institutions to serve the full range of customer segments,” says Jennifer Butler, director of asset administration and brokerage analysis at Corporate Insight.

As a part of that pattern, corporations are trying for methods to extend their vary of companies whereas reaching a wider demographic of shoppers. “The aim here is to provide holistic financial management that gives the organization a full view into clients assets and ensures that money stays within the firm’s ecosystem,” says Butler, noting that 61% of buyers surveyed agree that they want to have all (or almost all) of their monetary accounts with their principal brokerage agency.

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