In an article by FierceHealthcare on how payers seek to find their role in addressing coronavirus, author Paige Minemyer quotes Corporate Insight analysts Michelle Ammirati and Jose Santana.

Amid the clamor, payers seek to find their role in addressing coronavirus

Amid growing fears about the coronavirus, health plans are seeking to help aid in prevention by educating members—and preventing the spread of misinformation.

Many health insurers and industry groups are posting updates related to the virus and providing details on best practices for prevention, such as hand-washing. They’re also offering a more in-depth look at the benefits that are most useful in the outbreak, including telehealth.

Michelle Ammirati, a senior analyst at Corporate Insight, which provides research into user experience, told FierceHealthcare that making this information clear and easily accessible can have a variety of benefits, from furthering price transparency to preventing unnecessary emergency department visits.

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