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Annuity Monitor
Guardian launches new fixed index annuity
The firm announced the launch of a new annuity product, the Guardian Secure Index Annuity, that ensures a guaranteed source of income with the added benefit of potential growth. The new product includes an optional guaranteed living benefit rider, called the Guardian Income Magnifier Rider. The firm created it in response to results from the tenth annual Guardian Workplace Benefits Study.
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Asset Management Monitor – Advisor
J.P. Morgan adds new small business retirement plan page
A new Startup and Micro 401(k) Solutions page promotes the firm’s 401(k) plan offerings for small businesses.
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Bank Monitor
Citizens Bank and Discover launch overdraft fee-free checking options
Citizens Bank introduced EverValue Checking, an overdraft-free checking account aimed at supporting underbanked and underserved communities. The new low-cost account has no minimum balance requirement and an $5 monthly maintenance fee. Discover revamped the firm’s existing Checking account to include Early Pay and fee-free overdraft protection.
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Fidelity rolls out new direct indexing product
Fidelity Managed FidFolios introduces direct indexing strategies to a wider audience of investors. A new public site Direct Indexing page highlights the product and ways to open an account.
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P&C Insurance Monitor
Nationwide revamps policyholder site Billing and Payments pages
The insurer debuted a new minimalist design across its policyholder site Billing and Payments pages with a more prominent blue-and-white color scheme. The Billing Overview page now features bill summaries as individual expandable sections that display the Amount Billed, Amount Paid, Events Impacting This Bill, Fees and details about the policy.
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Small Business Banking Monitor
Capital One launches new Dining and Experiences microsites 
The new Capital One Dining interface allows card holders to book reservations directly from the authenticated site, while the Capital One Experiences microsite lets card holders buy tickets to a variety of events using rewards.
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