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Annuity Monitor
MassMutual launches new annuity product
The firm announced the launch of a new variable annuity product—the Envision Variable annuity—that offers the MassMutual RetirePay optional guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit. The new variable annuity product helps customers accumulate assets for retirement with a variety of investment options, while the RetirePay benefit provides predictable retirement income regardless of market conditions.
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Asset Management Monitor – Advisor
BlackRock adds a sustainability assessment to the 360˚ Evaluator tool
The secure site 360˚ Evaluator tool features a new sustainability characteristics assessment that gives portfolios MSCI ESG and Climate ratings and scores.
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Bank Monitor
Chase adds authenticated site monthly budget tool
Clients can set up a monthly budget via a multi-step process that uses existing transaction activity to estimate monthly income, bills and transfers. The Budget Dashboard offers data visualization charts for an overview of current account activity. See Transactions links redirect clients to a dedicated activity page that displays a breakdown of income and expenses in intrapage tabs.
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Edward Jones rolls out new tool for sharing documents
The new Share Documents page enables clients to upload financial documents for review by Edward Jones financial professionals. A note informs clients that they can only share documents related to the servicing of their accounts and that the shared documents are available to download for 15 days.
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Fintech Monitor
Acorns adds Bitcoin futures fund allocation option to its Invest Portfolio
​​​​​Following a trend among robo advisors, Acorns now allows limited-risk exposure to crypto.
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P&C Insurance Monitor
USAA revamps policyholder site Claims Center
The redesigned page features a new tiled design with colorful accents, a new header with embedded Report a Claim and Check Claim Status links, a large promotion for the USAA mobile app, and a Claims FAQ. Below the header, a Helpful Claims Support section displays a series of tiles organized by claim type. The tiles load new dedicated policyholder site informational pages featuring an array of resources such as images, informational videos, infographics and dedicated FAQs.
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Retirement Plan Monitor
John Hancock introduces new Roth 401(k) Calculator 
The new tool allows participants to compare the impact of investing in a Roth versus a traditional 401(k) plan. Participants provide their ages and detailed tax and income information to view a data table of results. The table lists the potential balance at retirement and annual income projection by both plan type and contribution rate.
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